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With a larger membership base, we could more easily publish our Journals, collect and transcribe additional oral histories, develop more of the McVicar-Stein and Wollin negatives, and occasionally pay for publicity for our events. See our order form for the membership categories.

Why You Should Be a Member of HMI

HMI is a nonprofit organization, which promotes the acquisition, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge about Madison's past. It was founded in 1972 as Madison's historical society and seeks to foster an awareness of the history and culture of Wisconsin's capital city. Before it is lost forever, HMI seeks to preserve an understanding of Madison's past.

HMI has a small membership base. As a result, it may take years to have exhibit space. However, the organization has been creative over the years, creating programs and publications. If you don't have any of these publications, you don't know what you are missing.

Our top 10 reasons for being a member

10. Over 20 issues of Historic Madison: A Journal of the Four Lake Region have been published since 1975. Articles range from the arrival of immigrant groups to railroads to special buildings like the Old Executive Mansion and the Frank Lloyd Wright Nakoma Country Clubhouse.

9. We have three book project ideas and need your financial help to see them published. These include additional biographical sketches of individuals buried in city cemeteries, a book on the McVicar-Stein photo collections, and possibly one on Madison architecture. A brochure on some of the history of Camp Randall could be another project.

8. The three photograph collections we purchased in 1999 need to have hundreds of photographs developed from oversized film and glass negatives.

7. The book, A Biographical Guide to Forest Hill Cemetery, sold out of three printings, publicizing such notables as Snowball Riley, the LaFollette family, and Thomas Jefferson's son Eston Hemings Jefferson and his family. A new edition was printed in 2002.

6. You can't be on the board if you aren't a member.

5. The Alternate Parade of Homes occurred for the 29th time in 2011. Many great historic homes in historic neighborhoods have been opened up to the public to see how remodeling and restorations have made the homes better than new.

4. Cemetery tours are offered each May with a specific theme. You can never get bored with 50,000 happy ghosts.

3. Board members have a sense of humor. Who else would request the Dolly Madison Bakery to furnish the treats for James Madison's 2001 stamp celebration?

2. The success of A Biographical Guide to Forest Hill Cemetery led to the equally popular Bishops to Bootleggers: A Biographical Guide to Resurrection Cemetery. The title refers to the range of individuals buried by the German, Irish, and Italian-Sicilian Catholics.

1. You can receive a 40% membership discount when you buy your copy of either cemetery book.