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Forest Hill Cemetery Storage Building

Storage Building at Forest Hill Cemetery (10/6/74)

Wisconsin Historical Society Image ID: WHi-36358

Forest Hill Cemetery Lost to History

Forest Hill Cemetery's records contains 339 "unknown" Madisonians. Most were originally buried in the village cemetery, their graves often unmarked, their names forgotten as their families moved from Madison. Before the village cemetery was sold in 1877, their bodies were disinterred and moved to Forest Hill. Others, whose relatives remained in Madison, were reburied in family plots at Forest Hill but never marked, or marked with monuments that have been ravaged by time. While some sections of Forest Hill have relatively few headstones, appearances are deceiving. Some 144 unknowns lie in Section 26, 55 in Section 33, and 48 in Section 32. The cemetery has two Potter's Fields.

The names of some of these earliest Madisonians are known, but newspapers recorded virtually nothing about their lives and scarcely mentioned their passing. This list is one of the last records of their lives. These individuals, who died in the decades between 1840 and 1870, are lost to history, unless you can help. Information on when the family lived in this area and any details on their lives or family members' would be appreciated.

?, Anna (Aug 7, 1807-Aug 8, 1858), Section 33.

?, Bessie May (-), Section 22. Bessie May was the daughter of George and Juliette ? The stone has been removed from its original location, and the dates and last name are unreadable.

?, Norwegian (-Mar 16, 1860), unmarked. A three-foot tall Norwegian dwarf died "while in liquor."

Albee, Otis (1780-Oct 7, 1857), Section 2. Albee lived on Butler Street.

Allen, Louis P. (Apr 16, 1857-Apr 6, 1866), Section 9. Louis was the son of Charles H. and Abbie P.

Barber, Martha (Sep 14, 1823-Oct 19, 1866), Section 1. Martha, wife of Edward, died of an apoplectic fit. She lived at 15 Henry Street. Her son William Constable "Willie" (Sep 11, 1862-Sep 22, 1863) died in infancy.

Bartels, Louis (-Dec 19, 1863), unmarked. Louis was the infant son of John L. and Julia.

Baxter, Mrs. G. (1812-Feb 20, 1857), unmarked.

Beatty, Sarah G. (1806-Jul 10, 1877), Section 32.

Berry, Emily (1793-Sep 16, 1852), unmarked. Emily was from NY.

Bleekley, Edward (Aug 11, 1848-Apr 26, 1855), unmarked. Edward was the youngest son of Mrs. M.C. Bleekley.

Boutell, Flora I. (1851-1862), Section 2. Flora was the daughter of S.C. and M.H. Boutell.

Bowman, Daniel (May 21, 1796-Oct 24, 1874) and Mehitable S. (Jul 21, 1802-Jan 12, 1874), Section 31.

Bradford, George (1856-Nov 8, 1861), Section 2. Bradford was the son of John and Rachel Irene Bradford.

Braley, Ada Philanda (Feb 16, 1861-Mar 10, 1862), Section 2. Ada was the daughter of A.B. and P.S. Braley. She lived on State Street.

Brown, Marie Louisa (1818-Apr 19, 1852), unmarked. Marie was the wife of John A. Brown. She lived on West King (now State) Street. John Ashmun (Oct 1851-Mar 7, 1852) was her infant son.

Brush, Caroline A. (Aug 1853-Sep 1854) and Annvonntta (Jun 1847-Dec 28, 1853), Section 26.

Burke, Mary Josephine (Jan 1862-Feb 27, 1862) and Orra Loetitia (Dec 25, 1862-Mar 7, 1863), unmarked. They were the infant daughters of William and Salie C. Burke.

Butler, Dole (Mar 11, 1777-Apr 1, 1862), unmarked. Butler died at the residence of his son, D.T.

Carter, W.H. (1824-May 13, 1863), Section 28.

Cary, Horatio G. (1782-1856), Section 1.

Cass, John Francis (Jan 13, 1863-Nov 23, 1863), unmarked. John, the son of Patrick, died of diphtheria.

Chapman, J.T. (Jul 1827-Jan 1, 1856), Section 26.

Colburn, Lydia (Feb 27, 1764-Mar 10, 1852), unmarked. Lydia was a native of Ingersol, Canada West, and attended the Congregational Church. Her date of birth is the oldest in Forest Hill.

Cole, Nathaniel (1807-Jun 30, 1882) and Jane (1813-Sep 18, 1889), Section 2. Cole lived in Fitchburg; Jane was living in Middleton at the time of her death. Their children were Elizabeth A. (Jul 1839-Jan 1, 1852), Mary C. (1846-1857), and Malvina (1840-1860).

Comstock, Daniel S. (Sep 1802-Jul 12, 1869), Section 32. Solomon (Jul 1831-Mar 15, 1854) was his son.

Conklin, Clementina Northrup (Aug 30, 1823-Mar 1, 1860), Section 1. Clementina was the wife of Daniel Conklin. Her daughter Alice Clementina (Aug 1856-Dec 25, 1864) died of diphtheria.

Corscot, Janna (1841-May 7, 1863), unmarked. Janna was the wife of William.

Dady, Lizzie A. Dady (1834-Jul 28, 1865), Section 32. Lizzie lived at 58 Mifflin Street.

Darling, Chester (1797-1865) and Lucy (1800-1870), Section 27.

Darwin, Myrtle E. (Jun 13, 1857-Sep 7, 1857) and Grace Elizabeth (Dec 3, 1859-Jan 25, 1863), unmarked. Myrtle and Grace were the daughters of A.G. and Kate V. Darwin. Grace died of scarlet fever.

Durgin, William (Mar 28, 1850-Nov 15, 1852), unmarked. William was the son of Cotton and Delane. He had recently moved to Madison from Newburgh, ME.

Emmons, Charles Nelson (-Sep 22, 1857), unmarked. Charles was the infant son of William and Dell.

Erickson, Eline (Oct 1827-Apr 30, 1857), Section 26. Eline, the wife of K. Erickson, apparently died during childbirth. Her young son Alfred (Apr 30, 1857-May 4, 1857) survived for four days. A daughter, Otillia (1852-1854), also died while young.

Featherly, May (Nov 26, 1861-Sep 4, 1862), Section 13. May was the daughter of James S. and Mary E. She was buried in the Potter's Field.

Flanagan, Mary Ann (May 1851-Sep 11, 1851), unmarked. Mary Ann was the daughter of Michael and Mary.

French, Jeff G. (Jan 6, 1863-Dec 19, 1863) and Liza (1852-Jan 13, 1857), Section 27. Jeff and Liza were the children of Charles H. and Lucinda H. French. May be found

Fuller, Hiram (-Sep 1, 1854) and Ann (-Sep 2, 1854), unmarked. The Fullers likely died of the cholera epidemic that swept through Madison from late July through September 1854.

Grinde, Reginald G. (-Apr 19, 1859), Section 32.

Hall, John C. (1799-Sep 30, 1872) and Elizabeth (1796-Jun 13, 1861), Section 1.

Harriman, Charles Fanning (Sep 1855-Nov 15, 1863), unmarked. Charles was the son of Samuel and F.H.

Hayes, Harvey H. (1831-Aug 15, 1857) and Frank L. (-Jul 25, 1855), Section 2.

Helms, Henry (Aug 7, 1808-Jun 15, 1860) and Lydia (Jul 22, 1821-Dec 9, 1898), Section 3. Dragana B. (Feb 4, 1846-Sep 25, 1865) was their daughter.

Hopkins, Martha H. (1772-Jul 28, 1861), unmarked. Martha was the wife of James C. Hopkins.

Hopkins, Edward C. (Nov 24, 1856-Jun 21, 1857), unmarked. Edward was the youngest son of James and Angeline A. Hopkins.

Hunt, George W. (Mar 1838-Sep 27, 1857), unmarked. Hunt was "a young man of fine social and intellectual qualities, persevering, active and highly trustworthy. He was much esteemed and loved." May be found

Hurd, Elliot (-Oct 11, 1845), unmarked. Hurd left a son and widow.

Ingalls, James (Jun 26, 1791-Oct 11, 1866) and Mary (-Oct 8, 1883), Section 1.

Jenkins, Sarah (Jun 1836-Dec 29, 1859), Section 2. Sarah was the wife of Amos Jenkins.

Jewett, Nancy (May 1821-Jan 22, 1852), unmarked. At her death, Nancy left a husband and four babes. "Thus has fallen one in the midst of life and usefulness, one whose amiable disposition and generous sympathy had secured numerous friends."

Johnson, Elizabeth (1775-Feb 13, 1857), Section 2.

Jordan, Margaretha (1775-Sep 1, 1860), Section 26. Margaretha was among the early burials at Forest Hill. Other family members include F.W. (Jun 10, 1825-Apr 30, 1883) and Henry (Jan 27, 1811-Dec 12, 1892).

Kessler, Rosa (Sep 30, 1862-Dec 20, 1865), Section 28.

Kilroy, Mary (1828-Sep 23, 1849), unmarked.

Klines, Hans (1828-Feb 8, 1858), unmarked. Klines, a German, died in jail while confined for stealing timber.

Knowles, John (1794-May 14, 1855) and Abigail (-May 16, 1876), Section 28.

Louis, W.E. (May 28, 1831-Jun 22, 1859), Section 2.

Lundberg, Carin Lindstrom (Jan 1, 1842-Aug 27, 1849), Section 11.

Mackinnon, Colin (1795-Mar 22, 1895) and Jean (1805-1890), Section 31. The papers noted only that a plate was placed on Colin's coffin with the inscription Father 1795-1895.

Maeder, Anna (Jun 16, 1802-Jul 10, 1864), Section 3. Her son was Jacob F. (1832-Aug 10, 1864).

Marty, Jacob (-Jun 15, 1862) and Mathaus (Feb 16, 1813-Jan 27, 1864), Section 27.

Marxen, Chris (Aug 12, 1825-Dec 8, 1864) and Johnny (-Feb 16, 18??), Section 32.

Mason, Francis L. (1820-Mar 16, 1856), Section 26.

McKinster, Orin (1830-1854) and Eleazor (1837-1865) and Lee (Oct 13, 1830-Nov 15, 1874), Section 1.

Miller, William (1790-Dec 1, 1858), Section 13. Miller was buried in a Potter's Field.

Monroe, Matilda H. (1840-Sep 5, 1862), unmarked.

Morgan, Catherine Coit (1801-Dec 9, 1853), Section 27.

Muehlenbruch, Friedericka (Jan 2, 1823-Sep 7, 1863), Section 22.

Muhlberger, Ludwig (Jul 23, 1839-Jan 7, 1858), Section 2.

Murray, Anne (1791-Mar 22, 1858), unmarked.

Myers, Frederick Martin (Mar 1841-Sep 26, 1842), unmarked. Frederick was the son of John and Elizabeth. He was one of the first children to die in Madison.

Needham, Anthony M. (Jan 20, 1829-Jun 6, 1858) and William (Apr 28, 1864-Jul 18, 1864), Section 32.

Newcomb, Edgar (Dec 31, 1848-Mar 20, 1851), unmarked. Edgar, the son of S.B. and Minerva, was an "amiable and interesting child, whose judgment and sagacity far exceeded his years."

North, Selah (May 1, 1790-Mar 3, 1872), Section 1. Selah was a native of Leigh-on-Medip, England. She settled originally in Summit County, OH, then came to Madison to live with her daughter, Mrs. James A. DePeyster.

Noyes, Amos (1815-Sep 27, 1857), Section 3. Noyes, a prominent Methodist, was "highly esteemed as a citizen. His loss will be deeply felt."

Ott, Charles H. (1860-Mar 14, 1863), unmarked. Charles was the son of Charles E. and Anne.

Parkinson, Cleantha S. (1825-Apr 6, 1863), unmarked. Cleantha was the wife of Peter.

Pollard, Eleanor Augusta Bradford (-Dec 20, 1863), unmarked. Eleanor was the eldest daughter of John D. Bradford.

Powell, V.J. (1803-Jan 25, 1869) and Mary Ann (1802-Jun 1, 1858) and Maria (1813-Dec 26, 1879), Section 3.

Powers, John (1799-Sep 9, 1851), unmarked.

Reiche, William F. (Jun 21, 1825-Feb 23, 1866), Section 3. Reiche attended the German Methodist church.

Richardson, J. Mitts (1832-Apr 28, 1855), Section 26. Richardson died of consumption.

Robertson, Isaac (1803-Dec 8, 1861), Section 32. Robertson was buried in the Abiel Brooks family plot.

Robertson, William Wallace (1836-Jan 27, 1862), Section 32.

Rogers, Thomas M. (Oct 1791-Jan 21, 1852), unmarked.

Rooney, Susan (Nov 1, 1791-Mar 17, 1868), Section 32. Susan, the wife of R. Rooney, came to Madison from County Longford, Ireland. She attended Grace Episcopal Church.

Ross, James Volney (Aug 1859-Apr 29, 1863) and Richard F. (Mar 1862-Jun 27, 1863), Section 13. James was the son of James and Mary. "The little fellow through the winter longed for the spring, but when it came he was summoned to the eternal summer of his Heavenly Father." His infant brother Richard died two months later. Both were buried in the Potter's Field.

Schmidt, William (Aug 6, 1845-Oct 12, 1859), Section 27.

Simon, Dina (Oct 1855-Apr 19, 1862) and Hubert (Jan 1859-Apr 19, 1862), unmarked. The Simon children died on the same day at Farwell's Mill.

Sizer, Abigail (1778-1864), Section 3.

Skinner, Charles L. (1822-Jul 30, 1850), unmarked.

Slavan, Ann (1804-Nov 23, 1861), unmarked.

Slightham, Mary Ann (1811-Jul 2, 1851), Section 26. Mary Ann, wife of William Slightham, died from complications of childbirth. Her newborn son George (Jun 25, 1851-Jul 6, 1851) died four days later and was buried with her.

Smith, Florence (-May 1, 1852), Section 31.

Spencer, Belinda (1846-1860), Section 32. Belinda was the daughter of Lewis and Margaret.

Sponholz, Christina (-Jun 20, 1853), Section 23.

Sprencer, Reuben (1774-Dec 19, 1863), Section 1.

Starks, Robert (1846-Mar 21, 1848), unmarked. Robert was the son of A. Starks.

Stevens, Abigail (1798-May 16, 1876), Section 28. Abigail's funeral was at C.F. Harrington's house in the Fifth Ward.

Stevens, Wharton Johnson (1849-Oct 7, 1858), unmarked. Wharton was the son of Loyal and Sally Stevens.

Swanton, James (Jun 24, 1791-Dec 4, 1858), Section 3.

Sylvester, Fanny Leitch (Nov 28, 1818-), Section 28.

Turner, Caroline (1816-Jul 23, 1854), unmarked. Caroline was the wife of D.C.

Tyler, Mary (1790-1857), Section 31.

Tyler, Susan A. (1826-1864), Section 31.

Waddell, Agnes (-Aug 26, 1860) and John A. (Jan 1862-Dec 6, 1876), Section 26. The children of Walter and Agnes lived at the corner of Gorham and Broom Streets. John died of bilious fever.

Weed, Sarah (1833-May 5, 1863), unmarked. Sarah was the daughter of Daniel H. Weed and was a sister-in-law of George B. Smith.

White, Martha J. (Jan 4, 1849-Sep 20, 1854), Section 26. Martha was the daughter of Thomas H. and Lydia Ann White. "She was a much beloved child."

White, Willard (-Feb 27, 1858) and Effie (-Oct 7, 1857), Section 1.

Wiese, Ludwig (Feb 6, 1869-Feb 6, 1869) and Friedericka (Jun 18, 1856-Nov 26, 1866), Section 22.

Williams, Fidelia (Mar 15, 1842-May 10, 1865), Section 31.

Winters, John (1825-May 4, 1858), Section 1. Winters died in Joliet, IL. His funeral was held at Peter B. Fields' house.

Wright, Alfred Hobbins (Jan 1857-Oct 24, 1857), Section 1. Alfred was the infant son of Henry and Elizabeth Wright.

Wright, Samuel Tullar (Aug 19, 1814-Nov 10, 1856), Section 29.

Young, Emily A. (Apr 24, 1850-Apr 3, 1868), Section 32.

Young, Joseph B. (1790-Feb 28, 1871), Section 2. Young lived in the Third Ward.