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James Duane Doty invited several people to move to his paper city to make it a reality. He named his city for the recently-deceased fourth president, James Madison. Hundreds answered his call and those of later Madisonians.

While not famous in his own right, one of those who answered the call was the youngest son of president Thomas Jefferson. Eston, youngest son of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings, came to Madison with his family. He had been known as Eston Hemings when they lived in Virginia and Ohio, but began using the name Jefferson in Wisconsin. His marker is lying flat in row one of the north side of Section 3, as he was one of the early burials at Orton Park. Look for the large marker reading Jefferson and you'll find his wife, three children, and several grandchildren as well. You can read about them in our Forest Hill Cemetery book.

One famous son went on to have a famous writing career. We celebrated Thornton Wilder's 100th birthday in 1997.

Robert Marion LaFollette, Sr. and family moved to Madison when he was old enough for college.

Georgia Totto O'Keeffe of Sun Prairie attended Central High School from 1902-1903. Several members of both sides of her family are buried at Forest Hill Cemetery.

Frank Lloyd Wright had several clients and altercations over building projects during his time in and near Madison. His family lived here briefly when he was going to school.

A family of business owners and philanthropists, the Frautschi name has long been associated with Madison. The Frautschi family history through letters is now online.

Ruth Doyle and Hallie Lou Blum ran an oral history project during their terms as president. We have had them transcribed and are in the process of verifying spellings and locations of places mentioned.