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Local vs. National Historic Districts

As of 2011, Madison has five areas with local designation of historic districts: First Settlement, Mansion Hill, Marquette Bungalows, Third Lake Ridge and University Heights. For additional information, including maps of these districts, see Madison's History of the Landmark Commission.


Historic Districts of Madison

Bascom Hill (N)
East Dayton Street (N)
East Mifflin Street (N)
East Wilson Street (N)
Edgewood College Mound Group Archeological District (N)
Elmside Park Mounds (N)
First Settlement (L)
Fourth Lake Ridge (N)
Henry Mall (N)
Jenifer-Spaight (N)
Langdon Street (N)
Main-King (N)
Mansion Hill (L, N)
Marquette Bungalows (L, N)
Merrill Springs Mound Group II Archeological District (N)
Nakoma (N)
Orton Park (N)
Sherman Avenue (N)
Simeon Mills (N)
Spring Harbor Mound Group (N)
State Street (N)
Third Lake Ridge (L)
University Heights (L, N)
Vilas Park Mound Group (N)
West Lawn Heights (N)
West Main Street (N)
Wingra Park (N)
Wisconsin Memorial Hospital (N)

L=Areas Designated Locally as Historic Districts
N=Historic Districts on National Register