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Our membership year runs January to December. If joining after September, your membership extends through the next year. All members include a copy of the latest Journal when it becomes available, quarterly newsletters, and program admissions. Please indicate if this is a new membership or renewal membership.

Individual $15 Household $25 Contributing $50 Sustaining $75 Patron $100 Benefactor $250

Historic Madison: A Journal of the Four-Lake Region
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  Vol XIII, 1996 ($3 ea.+$2.75 shipping)  Vol XV ($5 ea.+$2.75 shipping)        Vol XVI ($5 ea.+$2.75 shipping)
  Vol XVII, ($5 ea.+ $2.75 shipping)        Vol XVIII, ($5 ea.+ $2.75 shipping)   Vol XIX, ($5 ea.+$2.75 shipping)
  Vol XX, ($5 ea.+$2.75 shipping)           Vol XXI, ($5 ea.+$2.75 shipping )    

* Some volumes have very few copies left.

A Biographical Guide to Forest Hill Cemetery ($14 ea.+$4.25 shipping)
Bishops to Bootleggers: A Biographical Guide to Resurrection Cemetery ($9 ea.+$3.00 shipping)
My Life in Politics by Betty Walker Smith Book ($5 ea.+$1.00 shipping)

    Other Items:
Calendar - Pictures, Historic Dates ($10 each for non-members; $5 each for members; free shipping)


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